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Adriana Lobato

Adriana Lobato is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and offers services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

She earned a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Carlos Albizu University, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. She also completed 4 years of Literature and Arts studies from Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela, and other courses in Harvard Medical School, U.S.

Adriana is an enthusiastic, genuine and humanistic psychotherapist who utilizes a solution-oriented approach in treatment. She focuses on uncovering people’s strengths, helping them to see different perspectives, and on empowering them to meet their goals.

Adriana uses an eclectic mix of post-modern, gestalt, and systemic therapy in her practice among others. During the sessions, Adriana collaborates with the client through psychoeducation and reflective questioning. She helps clients understand their thought processes and gain awareness of how change happens.


Adriana’s extensive experience and academic background allows her to work with individuals, couples, families, children, and the elderly. She has developed a curriculum for couples based on what she has learned in Harvard about communication, connection, and self-esteem.


Adriana worked for the non-profit agency, Family Central, org. helping couples, children, and their families for 12 years. She is an expert on helping parents to understand their children and their behavioral challenges, ADHD, and developmental delays using a family system approach.


Adriana conducts various workshops at Miami-Dade Community College, Broward Community College, libraries, and public schools. In 2004, she appeared on “Despierta America” on “Univision” demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness to children. She was also invited by Fox International as a family expert on the reality show “Manuel de Supervivencia” for 4 years. In addition, she appeared in “Noticiero Telemundo,” in “Al RojoVivo” on Telemundo, and in “Tu Bebe” as a consultant for topics related to families, children, and couples.

Adriana has lived in three countries. She was born and raised in Brazil, and has lived in Venezuela and the United States. She is trilingual, speaking Portuguese, Spanish, and English fluently.

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